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Record Room Doors

Record Room Doors
Record Room Doors
Product Code : 13
Product Description
Fire and Burglary Resistant Record Room Doors are specially designed to ensure safety of important and priceless records of record rooms.

  • Standard grade high strength steel is used to develop the multibend door frame.
  • The frame is equipped with eight holdfaststo integrate with the record room wall.
  • The door slab and necessary door elements of strong room door are shielded by specially designed hammer-and-drill-resisting plates.
  • The 4 shooting bolts located at the front part and extra 4 welded bolts to the lock case on the hinged part are instrumental in contributing to bolting effect.
  • Non-conductive fire proof compound of Godrej is used to ensure protection against extreme heat.
  • We also provide precisely designed grill gate which is equipped with Godrej 8 lever dual control locking arrangement that can be managed from both sides.
  • Standard grade corrosion proof pre-treatment for ensuring its long lasting nature
  • As optional accessory, a record room door with left hand opening facility is offered. The grill gate is also available with an alternative opening facility.

Related Information
  • Usage:- Its utilization can be noticed in Allied Industries, Banks, Broker, Factories and Warehouses, Financial Institutions, Jewelery shops, Offices, Post Offices, Private Safe Deposit Vaults and Refineries.
Locking system
  • Two precisely designed dual control Godrej locks are instrumental in securing bolt work.                           
  • As optional accessory, a Godrej 3-wheel or 4-wheel combination lock is provided                                           
  • Self regulated dead-locking system is useful for checking forced dislodging of the lock by using instruments like sledge hammer,  crow-bar etc.                                           
  • We also offer a time lock system as optional accessory.