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Dragon Conventional Fire Alarm

Dragon Conventional Fire Alarm
Dragon Conventional Fire Alarm
Product Code : 12
Product Description

Godrej Dragon Fire Alarm System is designed and programmed for ensuring higher security. Whether you want to ensure safety of your family and yourself or to safeguard precious items or documents in your house, office or institution against damage caused by outbreak of fire.


  • It is equipped with easy to operate mechanism
  • This fire alarm system can  integrate with all sorts of standard detectors
  • It consists of necessary battery back up facility with built in charging function
  • During malfunction in AC, it can automatically switch over to battery
  • Its signal silence comes in handy for recognizing fault and fire situation
  • Dynamic fire alarm system zones during separation of other zones
  • Related Information
  • Its manufacturing quality is in sync with IS 2189
  • Easy to comprehend function
  • Can integrate with all sorts of traditional detectors
  • Its built in charging function provides necessary battery backup
  • Automatic switch over to battery during breakdown in AC mains
  • Signal silence system to realize operational error or fire condition
  • It is equipped with active fire zones that are required during separation of other zones
  • Individual dual LED indication systems for fire for each of its zone
  • Fault indication function (Open / short circuit) depending on zones
  • Power fault/fire status in unequivocal colored indication
  • Indicator for low battery status and malfunction in AC
  • Charger activation/ failure status indicator
  • Fuse blown indicator for denoting AC and DC fuses
  • Earth fault detecting function
  • Hooter cut identification facility with audio visual warning arrangement
  • Independent hooter outputs for separate zones and a standard hooter output
  • Two digits FORM C Relay output for actuators like Fire extinguishing system, elevator control and AHUshut-off
  • Its selectable relay activation becomes functional either during trouble condition or during alarm activation situation